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Many ADHDers are Time Challenged

One of the characterics of ADHD is the inability to determine accurately how much time a project will take, or how much time it will take to get places. Time is a hard concept for many of those who struggle … Continue reading

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Teen’s Brain Goes Through Lots of Changes

The Teenage Brain undergoes lots of developmental changes during the teenage years. A parent’s understanding of these changes can help their child through this amazing process and might help explain some teenage behaviors and how to react to them. Sometimes … Continue reading

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How Sleep helps Brain Function

We are learning more and more about the relationship between adequate sleep and brain function. Your brain does a lot of things while you are ‘sleeping’, including removing cellular wastes and toxins that have built up during the time you … Continue reading

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May is Mental Health Awareness Month

Relieving stress can help with one’s Mental Health. Meditation, relaxation breathing, exercise and mindfulness are all things you can do at home to help with your mental health. If more help is needed, Neurofeedback can help your brain take back … Continue reading

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Neurofeedback Found to Change the Brain

There have been several studies done that show Neurofeedback does change the brain. fMRI’s and Spect Scans done after a Neurofeedback session show a difference in brain function. But those changes don’t last long. Many sessions of Neurofeedback are usually … Continue reading

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What are the effects of screentime on children?

How does screen-time effect children? If the screen time involves video games, The WHO (World Health Organization) now has an official diagnoses: Video Game Addiction, aka Internet Gaming Disorder. This is when playing video games interferes with normal daily activities, … Continue reading

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Super Foods for the Growing Brain

Now that the holidays are over and the kiddos back in school, we can get back to a better routine, which, for many, includes getting back to eating a more healthy diet. Eating a better diet is not only good … Continue reading

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How successful are Neurofeedback treatments, and how long do they last?

Here’s a text I just received today: “I wanted to let you know ‘CM’ is doing great! He is a junior (in high school) now. He has a job. He got straight A’s in his regular classes and 2 online … Continue reading

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5 Simple Things Parents Should do with their Infant to Encourage Brain Development

The Infant Brain is a learning machine!  It is exploring its new environment, learning how to manipulate and control their movements, and learning what all these new things mean.  Parents are instrumental in helping the infant brain to develop.  After … Continue reading

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The Problem with Multiple Concussions – Diagnosing CTE

Boston University School of Medicine is heading up 50 medical researchers in a massive 7 year study into the brain disease CTE, or Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy, the brain dysfuction made famous in the movie Concussion.  Typically, CTE can only be … Continue reading

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