“Baseball is 90% mental, the other half is physical.” – Yogi Berra

Over the past ten years, more and more pro, college and high school baseball and softball players are using Neurotherapy to increase their focus, decrease anxiety, and better their timing and coordination.  Most notable is first baseman Sean Casey, who played most of his career for the Cincinnati Reds, and was a major contributor for the Detroit Tigers in 2006 when the Tigers won the World Series.  Sean retired from baseball in 2009 with a 12 year career batting average of .302.  Sean started using Neurotherapy in 2003, and went from a .291 batting average to hitting .324 in 2004.  Read more about Sean Casey’s story here.

At the Center for NeuroFitness, we train athletes of all ages using both Neurofeedback and the Interactive Metronome® to help players improve their performances on the baseball field.  Caution: one of the side effect of this training for students is better grades in school!

Though Neurotherapy can be started anytime for baseball players, the best time to start training is during the baseball pre-season or off-season.  Contact us to set up an initial consult.

“Our son started going to Tom Swisshelm for Neurofeedback to treat ADHD and to help his performance in baseball.  He was struggling with his batting average and confidence.  After just one session of Neurofeedback, we noticed an immediate result!  He had a game that same day and really whacked the ball!  Our son also started improving in school.  We strongly urge parents to consider Neurofeedback for academics and sports enhancement.” –Appreciative Mom

Here’s an example of Interactive Metronome® training for baseball: