“As a licensed mental health counselor with over 33 years of experience, one of the most profound changes seen in a client occurred when I stopped seeing her. I had been seeing this 15 year old female on a weekly basis for over a year. She had diagnoses of anorexia, anxiety and depression. Her anxiety had disabled her so much that she had to be home schooled. Eventually, the mood disorder and eating disorder were stabilized, but this client was so introverted and emotionally distant that I would be exhausted after sessions! I had to turn my background music off just to hear her responses in session .I decided to refer her to  my colleague, Tom Swisshelm for neurofeedback, and we decreased our psychotherapy sessions to just once a month. When I had my first session with this young lady after she completed 12 sessions of neurofeedback, I was astonished by the results. Her eyes were bright and focused, she sat upright with a smile and spoke with clarity and confidence. Neurofeedback helped her brain to settle out of anxiety and panic mode much quicker than traditional talk therapy, which actually triggered her anxiety. This client is now back in school! I have complete confidence in this approach and have referred many clients since. Just recently, my youngest daughter and I have begun brain training.”

-Astonished Psychotherapist

“I wanted to pass along some observations on a client that we share.   I am seeing this particular client for PT for concussion and whiplash following a MVA (motor vehicle accident).  I had seen her for several sessions prior to her beginning neurofeedback with Tom and had some difficulty with some of the manual techniques I had tried with her neck and head.  She then had a hiatus from PT due to insurance issues but had started Neurofeedback at The Center for NeuroFitness at the recommendation of her neurologist. By the time she was able to return to PT she had had several Neurofeedback sessions.  When I felt her head and neck upon her return, her tissues were so much more compliant and I was able to much more easily advance the manual techniques.  I was really surprised by the difference!  She was really pleased with her results too.  I just wanted to share with you how your work has changed the tissue quality for this client and help to advance her recovery”.  [Note:  Neurofeedback compliments many other therapies to make them more effective!]

-Amazed Physical Therapist

“Neurofeedback therapy has been a complete life-changing experience for me. I cannot thank my neurologist enough for referring me to Mr Swisshelm!  It was suggested that I try this therapy as it was suspected that I had dissociative seizures. I was having these seizure episodes almost every week.  Since doing Neurofeedback, I have had maybe two episodes over a period of three months! I have dealt with these seizure episodes since about 2006 causing me to miss a lot of school, work, and many activities. Not only has Neurofeedback almost erased these episodes but I also have stopped having night terrors, my anxiety has been greatly reduced, I have not had an anxiety attack or panic attack for months now.  My depression has been significantly improved as I would often have random episodes of getting extremely depressed out of the blue, I sleep through the night most of the time compared to having terrible sleep almost every night, my impulse control has gotten significantly better, the learning disability I was told that I had back in school does not seem to be an issue anymore as I have found I can do puzzles and assemble things better with simple instructions which used to be an issue.  I find that I am now able to think more clearly and better process information. I was diagnosed with gastritis a few years ago and they suspected IBS as well, I have been pleasantly surprised to see it has also greatly improved, as I have not had to take the medication for it for quite some time.  I wish I had found this therapy years ago as it has completely changed my life.”   

-Appreciative client

“Of the many treatment options available to help our high-school aged daughter through her anxiety disorder and depression, none has produced as noticeable a result as neurofeedback has with Tom at the Center for NeuroFitness.  Last year, our daughter’s anxiety was so bad, we had to take her out of public school and enroll her in virtual school done at home, despite the use of medication and psychotherapy.  So, early this past summer she started Neurofeedback with Tom.  After completing about 20 NF sessions, our daughter willingly, albeit cautiously, rejoined her classmates on the first day of school in August.  She had no panic attacks and stayed in school the whole day!  A big change compared to last year!   It is now late September and she continues to do well!  She continues to do an occasional neurofeedback session, which she actually looks forward to doing.  The smile and gentle spirit which we haven’t seen in over a year has returned to her face and her ability to be introspective has increased dramatically.  I highly recommend Neurofeedback at the Center for NeuroFitness for any student who is experiencing anxiety and depression.”

-Grateful Mom

[Therapist Note: The client above was also taking a small dose of Prozac, along with monthly sessions with a psychotherapist during the time she was doing  neurofeedback sessions.  It is quite common for neurofeedback to enhance and compliment other therapies]

“My ten year old son has been on medication for ADHD since he was in the first grade.  Over the years, he has been on Concerta, Intuniv, Guanfacine, Ritalin and Vyvanse.  The medications would help for awhile and then they wouldn’t work as well and we would have to change.  There were also side effects with the medications such as not sleeping or eating well.  The worst side effect was that the medications changed who he was as a person.  About 3 months ago, I took my son to see Tom at the Center for NeuroFitness where we began his brain training program.  After the second week, my son mentioned that he was sleeping better.  At the end of the first month, my parents made comments about him being more interactive with them.  By the end of the second month, we were able to reduce his Vyvance dose by 1/3rd.  My son started 5th grade a few weeks ago.  He was tested in reading and math skills.  In reading, he was almost at 9th grade level!  In math, he was equal to 6.5 grade level!  The truly amazing thing about this was that he was tested while completely off this medications!!  We have not given him any ADHD medication for most of the summer and didn’t start it when school resumed.  Thus far, he has performed extremely well in school.  He isn’t cured, but he is able to focus and handle his concentration and emotions much better.  The other blessing is that his natural personality has returned and he is much happier without the medication!  We will continue to work with Tom as long as necessary.  For anyone with ADHD or other conditions that impact mental ability, I highly recommend the brain training at The Center for NeuroFitness!”

-an appreciative Dad.

“My son is 8 years old and is diagnosed with ADHD. We didn’t need a diagnosis, though, as it was very evident. We have been seeing Thomas Swisshelm for 3 months and it has changed our lives. Our entire family dynamic has changed for the better. His behavior is not perfect, but we weren’t looking for perfect, we were looking for manageable. However, it has far exceeded our expectations of manageable. The issues we were dealing with before have been reduced by about half or more. Things like; impulsiveness, anger, not following directions, forgetfulness, losing things, not finishing tasks, not being remorseful, not listening to people of authority, inability to fall asleep and stay asleep, severe anxiety, not being able to manage his emotions. These things have all improved drastically. I can’t tell people enough how calming and different my household is within just 3 months of seeing Tom at the Center for Neurofitness. Our lives have improved so much. My child now enjoys going to school. He enjoys doing homework; what used to be a 4 hour battle with homework that still didn’t get completed now gets completed in about an hour with little to no battle. We found that after his initial brain mapping that he was dealing with a lot more anxiety that we were really aware of. We thought it was just a bed time thing. The first thing Tom started working on was the side of his brain that deals with anxiety. Within 2 sessions my son was going to bed without a single tear (this is HUGE!) He used to cry himself to sleep every night because he thought he was going to somehow die in his sleep or have nightmares and wouldn’t be able to get out of bed to come to me. When he would finally go to sleep he didn’t stay asleep long due to nightmares. His nightmares have nearly diminished. He used to get kicked out of nearly every activity he participated in (even church). He didn’t listen to authority and would always have an argument when someone would tell him to do something. He very rarely got a good report from school, but we were very familiar with bad reports. His grades were consistently F’s even though we spent hours studying. He now has all A’s and B’s which is the first time ever receiving a grade higher than a C. When I tell you parenting was exhausting, it was every bit of it. It was a constant battle every single day. He didn’t care about any punishment given to him. It didn’t matter what the punishment was. He has not been grounded or in real trouble since about a month after using neurofeedback. When you go from getting into trouble every day to not getting in trouble at all it does wonders for a kids self-esteem. The confidence I see in my kid when making friends and keeping those friends because he now knows how to interact appropriately is amazing to me and I would continue neurofeedback endlessly if it meant my son could keep up this behavior. This behavior is being witnessed by everyone who knows him; church, afterschool, school, activities, and family. It has truly changed the way he processes and deals with everything.”

-Elated Mom

My daughter was diagnosed with ADHD at age 8, which affected her success at school.  I used all my resources I knew and things were getting a little bit better, but not where they should be.  Medicine was an option , but I felt, with the potential for negative side effects,that using meds wouldn’t allow my daughter to have the quality of life that she should have as a child, so I opted out on medication.  We visited the The Center for Neurofitness and quickly realized that they can help with her attention span with fun activities.  My daughter started attending Neurofeedback with Tom .  After a couple of months her teacher started commenting on her success at school , and after several months of going to Neurofeedback, my daughter was reading on superior levels!   Thank God for the option of Neurofeedack!  It’s fun for the kids and they don’t even realize its working on their brain at the same time they’re having fun.  My daughter is now 8 yrs old and is going into the 3rd grad. If it wasn’t for the The Center for NeuroFitness, my hands would have been tied.  Thank you for giving my baby girl the quality of life she deserves as a child.  I highly recommend  Neurofeedback, it truly worked for my daughter!

-overjoyed Mom

“I had taken the SAT twice and got less than adequate scores for the universities I wanted to apply to (my second score was actually lower than my first!).  My Mom then brought me to the Center for NeuroFitness where I did several sessions of Neurofeedback and the Interactive Metronome with Coach Tom.  After about 15 NF sessions, I took the SAT for a third time.  I got 300 points better than the first time I took the test, and I now have adequate scores for my chosen colleges to evaluate!  The only thing I did differently in preparing for my third testing was Neurofeedback.  Thanks Coach Tom!

-excited High School Senior

“What a difference neurofeedback with Tom has made in our lives. Our 11 year-old daughter had always had great difficulty sustaining concentration long enough to complete a math lesson or read for more than 5 or 10 minutes. Going gluten-free and reducing sugar helped a little but it wasn’t until she had done a few months of neurofeedback that things changed dramatically for the better. She can now read for long periods of time and can get school work and chores done better and much more quickly. Moreover, she’s happier, calmer, and in control of her emotions. The daily meltdowns are nearly non-existent and she is able to handle disappointments with a more optimistic perspective.”

– Grateful Mom 

“Since doing Neurofeedback and the Interactive Metronome, I have felt more alert, calm, and self-controlled and I have better balance.  My school work is a lot easier for me now; I can concentrate on it and reading is much easier , now that the words make more sense to me.  My brain feels awake and awesome!”

-12 year old student

When our son entered 3rd grade,  we saw academic issues emerge almost immediately.  His grades were poor, homework and test preparation became a nightmare and standardized testing of any kind took him a long time yet produced very low grades.  After consulting his pediatrician, an audiologist, a language and speech pathologist and a psycho-educational therapist, our son was diagnosed with ADD-PI (Predominantly Inattentive Attention Deficit Disorder). In addition, we were seeing an increase in difficulty falling asleep at night, anxiety, noise sensitivity and impulsive behavior. Since our son is a very compliant student, he was never a discipline problem in class, but his ADD was driving him further and further behind academically.  After a brief and unsuccessful attempt to find a stimulant medication that might help him, our research led us to Neurotherapy with Tom at the Center for NeuroFitness in St. Augustine. Our 9-year-old began 45 minute Neurotherapy sessions/ 2 to 3 times a week for his sleep issues, anxiety and focus/concentration issues. Within a month we realized he was falling asleep at night much easier and getting enough rest for the dark circles to clear from under his eyes.  His general anxiety became much closer to what a typical 10-year-old’s would be and he’s willing to try new things without being overwhelmed by “change” or “newness”.  Toward the end of month 2 we started to see noticeable gains in school!  He could complete a majority of the work and tests in the time allotted.  He didn’t require teacher driven/read questions for an entire test or quiz to stay focused and to complete.  He started to make some A’s and even got some 100’s on some tests and quizzes.  At that point Tom recommended that the Interactive Metronome therapy be added to the NeuroTherapy and we saw even more results right away!  Homework that used to take hours, with lots of arguments and complaining became totally different!  We spend just half the time we used to on homework and he is now able to keep himself on task and finish. There are now minimal complaints.  This child who used to have no control over his daydreaming, now stays focused and on task independently.  We are still working on encouraging that same focus and concentration during in-class teaching time but we now have hope that with continued therapy and instruction he’ll translate those same concentration and focus skills into the instructional part of the classroom.”
-Thankful Mom

“My 9 year old son has been taking medication for ADHD since he was six years old. He had to stop taking the medication suddenly 2 months ago because the ADHD meds had been limiting his growth.  A friend referred me to Tom at the Center For NeuroFitness. I took my son for a consult.  He loved playing the computer games and thought it was very cool.  He has been doing NeuroFeedback 3 times a week for 1 month. He is a calmer, happier child all around. He is also in summer school because of his inability to focus and inability to complete his school work during the regular school year. Since doing Neurofeedback, his teachers said that he is more focused and completes more work than he did during the school year when he was on his ADHD medication. He can now complete a whole assignment without having to be reminded to stay on task. He is also becoming a more caring and loving child.

I think the most impressive improvement since starting NeuroFeedback is the fact that I do not have to remind my son to stop and think before reacting to any situation. It now comes naturally to my son to stop and think things through before acting. For any parent of a child with ADHD, this alone is a dream come true.”

-Appreciative Mom

“I’ve gone to three different Neurotherapists, two in California, and Tom at The Center for NeuroFitness in Florida.   I got better results from The Center for NeuroFitness  than from the California Neurotherapists.  The up-to-date protocols and understanding demeanor that Tom uses at the Center for NeuroFitness seems to make a positive difference”. 

-from PhD

“Neurofeedback has been extremely beneficial for me. I have suffered from both ADHD and slight social anxiety for as long as I could remember. What my brain learned during my training sessions transferred to real life situations and resulted in improved attention and reduced hyperactive/impulsive behavior. My anxiety also decreased and my life began to feel more manageable. I attended the University of Florida, and after doing Neurofeedback, [took the LSAT for the last time] and added 6 points to my law school admissions test while training with Tom.  [Because of my increased score] I was accepted to a handful of law schools and will be choosing where I will study in the fall. An option I would not have had previously [with my first two scores]. I highly recommend Neurofeedback therapy to any who may struggle from similar symptoms”.  

– 22 Year Old University of Florida Student 

“My daughter had been diagnosed with ADHD and Auditory Processing delay which severely affected her ability to be successful in school.  After Neurofeedback and Interactive Metronome therapy at the Center For NeuroFitness, her processing delay has been reduced significantly.  Her Occupational Therapist said there was a vast improvement and that my daughter was now able to do computer training that had previously been too difficult [for her] to even attempt.  In school, she often failed tests and doing homework was a struggle, requiring my constant help to keep her focused.  After NF treatments, my daughter’s scores improved drastically.  She got a 95% on her last math test!  She is also much better with homework.  She completes her assignments independently and is even able to do complex word problems which she previously would not even attempt.  There have been no changes in diet, supplements, medication, or environment since starting treatments with the Center for NeuroFitness, so her progress is no doubt attributable to Neurotherapy!  Thank you, Tom”

-Appreciative Mom


“I started going to Tom for Neurofeedback to treat my ADD and to enhance my performance on the basketball court. I saw immediate results in the way my brain worked on the court after a few sessions. I started looking up and seeing the floor and making decisions much faster. I also saw extreme focus in the classroom.”

-Dedicated High School Athlete, now playing in college

“Our son started going to Tom Swisshelm for Neurofeedback to treat ADHD and to help his performance in baseball.  He was struggling with his batting average and confidence.  After just one session of Neurofeedback, we noticed an immediate result!  He had a game that same day and really whacked the ball!  Our son also started improving in school.  We strongly urge parents to consider Neurofeedback for academics and sports enhancement”

Appreciative Mom. (Note: This student went on to excel in baseball and started on his high school team and, in his senior year, was one of the leading hitters on his team and in the region!) 

“I have been diagnosed with ADHD and dyslexia.  I enjoy going to Neurofeedback and playing the race car game.  It is awesome to play the game with just my brain!  I do so much better in school and sports when doing Neurofeedback.  The sessions are fun!”

-15 year old high school student

“My 6 year old had social, emotional and behavioral issues for the past 2 years.  I have sought out quite a few traditional and non-traditional interventions for him with little positive change.  I began considering serious psychological interventions and medications for him, when, in desperation, I decided to try Neurofeedback at the Center for NeuroFitness.  By the 12th session I was in awe of the changes in him!  He is doing well in school and in day-care!  He is interacting much better with peers, a notable change from the last 2 years.  I feel like I am getting my child back!  We still have a long way to go , but for now I am amazed, thankful and very hopeful.”

-Thankful Mom

“Neurofeedback has helped me immensely in my schoolwork.  Since I started Neurofeedback, my focus has been much better and my grades have improved.  Before basketball games, I used to get nervous; now, after doing Neurofeedback, I feel calm, focused and confident, and my shots keep falling!  Neurofeedback allows me to focus better; therefore, all areas of my game have improved.

The thing I like most about the sessions is that you can choose what symptoms you would like to train.

If you’re considering Neurofeedback, Do it!!  It works; I’ve experienced it first hand.  It is totally worth it

-Up and coming 14 year old.!

“My 14 year old son has been going to the Center for NeuroFitness  for Neurotherapy to enhance his focus, eliminate anxiety and help with his performance on the basketball court.  I love the way Neurotherapy addresses so many issues, not just ADD or ADHD.  He has become much more focused, done better with his schoolwork, elevated his confidence, and become a more focused basketball player.  I am thrilled with the results that I have seen in him. As an educator for over 20 years and a mother, I highly recommend Neurotherapy to any parents who see ADD tendancies in their child.  Thanks Coach Tom!”

-Grateful Mom

“I started going to Coach Swisshelm at the Center for NeuroFitness to better my golf game.  I had done well on my high school golf team, but I wanted  to play at the college level, [and I knew the competition would be much more intense] and I needed to improve the focus part of my game. After just two sessions, I was hitting more fairways and greens in regulation than ever before. After 4 sessions, I played 6 rounds of golf and scored a 69 or better in all rounds! I had never been that consistent before. I feel much more focused and confident in my game.” 

– Young golfer and college student.