The Amer­i­can Acad­emy of Pedi­atrics “Evidence-based Child and Ado­les­cent Psycho-social Inter­ven­tions” has ele­vated biofeed­back to “Level 1 — Best Sup­port” as an inter­ven­tion for Atten­tion & Hyper­ac­tiv­ity Behav­iors.

Welcome to The Center for NeuroFitness!




We specialize in EEG Neurofeedback using Cygnet, Brainmaster, and the Interactive Metronome® to help people of all ages who struggle with ADHD, Anxiety Disorder, Migraine Headaches, Autistic Spectrum Disorders, Asperger’s, Sleep Disorders, TBI, PTSD, Memory Challenges, Concussion Recovery, and much more!

We also do qEEG brain maps!

Also great for Athletes who want to increase focus, decrease anxiety and improve performance!

Neurofeedback is non-invasive and fun!


How is your ADHD Student doing?

The second semester of school is almost complete.  How is your ADHD student doing?  Neurofeedback is a great non-med way to train the brain to work better, thus eliminating many ADHD symptoms.  It is never too late to start Neurofeedback, the sooner a student starts, the quicker results can be seen!  See how Neurofeedback works with ADHD here.

This is also a great time for athletes to better their focus, timing, and coordination with Neurotherapy.  Golfers, baseball and softball players, basketball players,tennis players, and soccer players are some of the athletes that benefit from brain training.  Many pro, college and Olympic athletes have used neurotherapy to become the best they can be.  See some examples here.


How is your student doing in school?  Are you getting comments from teachers such as your student needs to focus more, has a hard time sitting still, is distracted.  Neurofeedback can help increase focus and control impulsiveness without the use of meds!  Help your student have a better school year!  The earlier your student starts training their brain, the quicker they will see results in school.  Contact us NOW to set up appointments.  Click here to learn how Neurofeedback can help ADD.


The Center for NeuroFitness is an Amen Method Professional!  You can now order Amen Brain-Directed supplements  by clicking on the banner below.  Contact us for discounts on other Amen Clinic Services.


“I’ve gone to The Center for NeuroFitness in Florida and two different Neurotherapists in California for Neurotherapy.  I got more positive results from the up-to-date protocols and understanding demeanor that Tom uses at the Center for NeuroFitness”.  from PhD

We are a member of The LifeSource Group located at 248 Southpark Circle East in St. Augustine, FL  32086

Phone:  904-797-5680

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