Concussion Assessment and Recovery


Student Athletes continuously put themselves in danger of getting concussions.  Football and soccer lead the list of sports in which concussions happen frequently, followed by hockey and lacrosse, though no athlete in any sport is immune from concussions.  Multiple concussions are especially harmful to the brain.  Neurofeedback helps the brain to recover from concussions.  Many pro athletes, especially former NFL football players are now using Neurofeedback to help their brains heal from multiple concussions.  Included in this group is NFL Hall of Famer Jack Youngblood.

NEW!  The Center for NeuroFitness has added BrainCheck’s Pre-Concussion Assessment.  This is an inexpensive, 15 minute, neurocognitive test that gives  a baseline on an athlete’s brain health.  If the athlete suffers a head injury, they retake the test and compare the results to the initial test to determine any cognitive deficit.  Contact us for the assessment!

“I’ve been working on this concussion issue for the last three or four years now”, states Youngblood in a recent interview with Mike Bianchi.   “If you play one football game, you’re going to have a concussion, if you play hard.  I’ve had probably thousands of them.  And they have caused a problem.  In fact, that is the reason I got involved with this therapy.  I couldn’t concentrate, didn’t have any memory.  It [Neurofeedback] turned me totally around.   Neurofeedback allows the brain to heal itself.  It’s noninvasive.  I’ve had 24 sessions of NF and it has corrected imbalances [in my brain].  It needs to be in every locker room across this country.”   Hear the entire interview below:

If you’re having fogginess and memory loss from a concussion, contact us for a consult!