Teen’s Brain Goes Through Lots of Changes

The Teenage Brain undergoes lots of developmental changes during the teenage years. A parent’s understanding of these changes can help their child through this amazing process and might help explain some teenage behaviors and how to react to them. Sometimes these changes become overwhelming, over intensified, or don’t proceed as expected, due to physical, emotional, or chemical trauma to the brain. In these cases, an intervention may be needed. Neurofeedback can help get the teenage brain back on track and improve neuro-self regulation.

Here are some changes parents can expect as the teenage brain matures:

-Some unused or lightly-used Neuronal connections are pruned, while others are strengthened. Your teen will begin to realize what they are good at and pursue those endeavors.

-Limbic System will most likely be overactive. Lots of emotions!

-Social Awareness increases. Being part of a group increases in importance.

-Dopamine levels rise

-Sleep Cycles change. Teens need lots of sleep, but they tend to go to sleep later than adults.

-Sexual awareness increases

For a more in-depth look at these changes click here

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