How successful are Neurofeedback treatments, and how long do they last?

Here’s a text I just received today: “I wanted to let you know ‘CM’ is doing great! He is a junior (in high school) now. He has a job. He got straight A’s in his regular classes and 2 online classes. He should be done with HS, and ready to do all dual enrollment next year. Thanks for your help getting him there.”

This student started Neurofeedback in January of 2015 and has done 51 sessions to date, including some sessions with the Interactive Metronome.  He presented in 2015 with a diagnoses of ADHD, with a very hard time focusing in school, impulsiveness, mood swings, and a hard time controlling emotions.  CM also had failing grades in most of his 7th grade subjects.  We started doing Neurofeedback twice a week for the first 20 sessions, then went to once a week, and now I only see him about once a month.  He is also off all of his meds!  Another success story!

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