New Study Finds That EEG NF Makes Changes in the Brain

A newly published study (“Effect of Infra-Low Frequency Neurofeedback on InfraSlow
EEG Fluctuations” by Vera A. Grin-Yatsenko, Valery A. Ponomarev,
Olga Kara, Bernhard Wandernoth, Mark Gregory, Valentina A. Ilyukhina and Juri D. Kropotov) has given more evidence to what Neurotherapists have known for years: ILF Neurofeedback makes long-lasting changes in brain activity.  “The ILF training
leads to the changes of the functional state of the brain. We suggest that the modification
of the baseline ILF EEG pattern may reflect the normalization in the metabolic balance in the brain tissue and increasing efficiency of compensatory mechanisms in the stress regulation systems”, the researchers concluded.  This article also does a good job at tracing the history of ILF EEG Neurofeedback, and some of its uses.   The article states: “The method [ILF Neurofeedback] came to be applied broadly to mental health concerns, with a range of application that was even larger than that of EEG-based training. The method has demonstrated dramatically positive outcomes for a variety of mental conditions, including different forms of anxiety, depression, sleep disturbances, ADHD, the autism spectrum, developmental trauma, migraines and other headaches, and traumatic brain injury”.  To view the entire study click here.

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