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Five Drug-Free Treatments for ADHD

Medication is not the only treatment for ADHD! Dr Daniel Amen recommends 5 Drug Free Treatments for ADHD They are: Neurofeedback – Brain training using EEG Neurofeedback – effective, but takes several sessions, no side effects Nutrition – High protein, … Continue reading

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Top 8 Warning Signs your Brain is in Trouble

From Daniel Amen, MD: 8.   Chronic insomnia/sleep apnea:  Research suggests that people who get less than 7 hours of sleep at night have lower overall blood flow to the brain and poorer cognitive functioning. 7.  Erectile or sexual dysfunction: When … Continue reading

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The Female Brain Revealed

Want to know more about the Female Brain? Tune in to The Dr Oz Show Friday, 3/8 @ 4:00 PM EST where he will be hosting Daniel Amen, MD in a live Tweet Chat:

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