Disciplining ADHD Children can be Done Effectively

Disciplining children who are challenged with ADHD can be done effectively –  with some good, consistent techniques.  Here are some helpful proven techniques:

  • Establish a daily schedule.  Children (and adults) with ADHD are routine-oriented.  Establish times for homework, meals, activities, TV watching, etc.  Write the schedule down.  Children will then understand better why they are being reprimanded when they go outside the schedule.
  • When disciplining, get your child’s attention.  Turn off the TV, stop the video games, send other children out of the room.
  • Treat discipline as a teaching tool.  Be sure to teach them what proper behaviors you want them to do in certain situations.  And the next time the child exhibits those proper behaviors, be sure to reward them.
  • Pick your battles.  ADHD children are notorious for getting into lots of trouble.  You don’t want to be the police full time.
  • Be calm when disciplining.  If your child only responds to you when you’re yelling and screaming, its because you’ve taught them that that’s the only time they need to listen.
  • Follow through.  If your ADHD child doesn’t ‘listen’ to you, it may well be because you don’t follow through with the punishment.  And be sure the punishment fits the crime, and is enforceable.

Here’s an insightful article and video on discipline from Everyday Health.

Good Luck and hang in there!

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